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Split design, elegant appearance, suitable for star hotels
Modular electronics for easy installation and maintenance.
304 stainless steel panel and handle for greater resistance to damage and longer life
Built-in lock, security anti-theft
With a new free structure, the handle is idling to prevent the handle from being damaged and affecting the internal structure of the door lock.
The surface is brushed to improve the corrosion protection of the panel.
The computer board adopts imported electronic components, fully automatic SMT process, the surface is protected by moisture and mildew, and the quality is stable and reliable;
Card: RF induction, imported Philip chip.

Technical characteristics
Working voltage: DC 6V (4 AA alkaline batteries)
Static power consumption: less than 25
Dynamic power consumption: less than 200mA
Battery life: 15,000 cycles in a normal continuous operation
Undervoltage indication: When the working voltage is lower than 4.8V, there will be a weak electricity prompt (three clicks) when opening the door. At this time, the door can be opened about 150 times.
Unlocking record: can store the latest 990 unlock records (including mechanical key opening record)
Mechanical key: copper material, high security mechanical key, to ensure that the door lock can still open normally in case of emergency

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