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SONIC : S440


ZK Technology is a  leading manufacturer of  fingerprint, facial recognition and RFID based readers used for  access control and time  &  attendance applications. ZKTeco, a brand of  ZK Technology for  physical access control and security cameras, represent the most  advanced and state of  the art  solutions  for  access control, visitor  management, car parking, elevator control, vehicle access, and alarm linkage control, etc. TF1700, one of  the world's smallest IP-based fingerprint terminals used for  access control and time attendance  features. With  its IP65 rated rugged structure, TF1700 offers  extra durability in  all weather conditions including outdoor environments. It is specially designed  for  standalone applications such  as house, office, shop, garage, factory and others.

Rugged structure  for  outdoor Installation  and extra  durability
*  IP65 rated waterproof and  weatherproof  structure
Slim and elegant design
*  One  of  the  world's  smallest  fingerprint terminals
*  Sleek and  slim design  for  narrow spaces
Fast and accurate fingerprint algorithm
*  7:3000 fingerprint identification  in  7   second
*  Stores 1500 fingerprint templates. 10000 cards and  30000 transactions
Easy Installation and connectivity
*  USB-host
*  Wiegand input  &  output
*  Network   interface by  TCP/IP or  RS485
Full access control features
* Access control interface  for 3rd party electric lock, door sensor, exit button, alarm
*  WebseNer
* Anti-passback setting
Easy operation and management
*  Work  without computer
*  Graphic LCD, buzzer. 3?5 keypads and  doorbell
* Built-in  keypad and  RF card reader for  multi-modal authentication (fingerprint/PIN/ card)

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