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SL309D is a classic hotel lock

SL309D uses smart cards as its keys and is controlled by a microcomputer

inside it. It is reliable, easy to use and manage, Which makes it a perfect choice 

for hotels, government departments, office buildings etc.


Specification and detail

- Stable original IP PCB

- Japan Motor more than 500,000 lifetimes.

- Turn handle up to deadbolt lock at inside and outside.

  Convenience and simplification.

- Patent detached two-gear clutch device to guarantee the 

   durability of mortise.

- Standard American mortise.

- Low voltage alarming function.

- Advanced hotel door management software.The interface function

                                                                                can be provided to connect hotel management software



 Weight :

 2.8 KG/PCS

 Material :

 Stainless Steel

 Card Type :

 M1 S50 Card

 Frequency : 

 13.56 MHz

 Work Voltage :


 Alarming Voltage :


 Static Currency :


 Dynamic Currency :


 Work Temperature :

 -20-60 degree centigrage

 Work Humidity :

  10%-85% RH

 Mortise :

 5 latch security mortise

 Unlocking time :

 Within 1 second

 Read Distance

 2-10 mm

 Door Thickness requirement

 35-65 mm

















  • Software :Manage all lock in hotel with encoder 
  • Encoder :Work with software to issue card
  • Card:Open and write information in lock 
  • Handsim:Use for diagnosing lock and set room number information and time information.Check unlocking records.
  • Energy saver:Insert room card to get power
  • Door Electronic panel:Show room number, Clean ,Door bell 



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