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Classical Hotel Lock


  • Material: 304 stainless steel
  • Battery: 4 pieces AA alkaline batteries
  • Mortise: ANSI Standard/EURO Standard
  • Surface color: Stainless steel brushed/Gold
  • Access solution: RFID card/Mechanical key
  • Emergency unlocking: Mechanical key
  • Classical waterproof rfid key card hotel room security door lock




 ▪  Japanese “MABUCHI” motor with a durability of over 500000 cycles

 ▪  Anti-tamper trim handle with free moving clutch mechanism

 ▪  Low power alarm, door ajar alarm, anti-tampering alarm

 ▪  1000 audit trail, convenient for hotel management

 ▪  Green and red LED lights display every lock status

 ▪  High-speed proximity reader recognizes cards in less than 0.25sec

 ▪  Panic function, handles retracts deadbolt and latch from inside

 ▪  Hotel version can be switched to residential version easily


Access Solution                         RFID Card / Mechanical Key

Working temperature                 -25℃~65℃

Working humidity                        20%~95% RH

Storage temperature                  -20℃~85℃

Mortise                                        ANSI Standard, EURO Standard

Mortise life                                  400,000 cycles

Battery                                         4 pieces AA alkaline batteries

Battery life                                  150,000 times

Emergency unlocking                Mechanical key


































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