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Contacting-Less Room Key

Smart RFID Card System

As an advanced door-opening method, RFID has been widely applied to the hospitality field. ‘Hotel Lock Pro’ has no excuse to fall behind. SL380Pro has supports the desktop card encoder, and each card is equipped with independent UID and time limit. Hotel Guests can choose between taking it with them and returning it upon the end of use. The cards can be reused and can be easily replaced by new ones. The mighty software supports multi-computer card programming, and the database runs automated backups. It takes only 20 seconds to issue a card key for a hotel customer.

RFID Technology

'Hotel Lock Pro’ adopts non-contacting smart cards so as to reduce the wear of cards and times of breakdown.Also, SL380Pro has more card system functions that support seven kinds of door-opening cards and seven kinds of setting cards, which show far better competitiveness than most other hotel locks.

Optimized Working Indicator

The top position indicator will never be blocked by key card likes other traditional hotel locks.




Intergrated Doorbell

The World First Doorbell Ready Hotel Door Lock

The world’s first professional hotel lock with an integrated doorbell. It has abandoned the traditional door-knocking and doorbell installed separately. The bell is integrated into the panel. Using this would further exhibit the distinctively good taste of a high-end hotel and save the cost of investment for budget hotels in a fancy-looking way.

Lightly Touch

Capacitive touch; longer service life than the mechanical button. Easy and convenience. The white backlight flat-designed as a bell adds a magic atmosphere as well.

Wiring Free

There is no wire required to install the doorbell and lockset. It can be easily installed at any hotels’ environment without any suspension of business. Low maintenance cost.



Makeup Room Indicator

Smart Electronized Door Hanger

Need room service? Just touch the button to activate the SL380PRo e-Hangers™ inside room. Housekeeper passing by can easily see it outside room. Once the door opened by housekeeper’s card, the ‘Makeup Room’ sign will go back to white—no need manually turn-off. From now on, the old paper door hanger can be a write-off. Let’s embrace the future world.

Privacy Indicator

Smart Electronized Door Hanger

The privacy e-Hangers™ can be activated by touching the ‘Do Not Disturb’ button on SL380Pro when the guest does not want to be disturbed. In addition, the button is interconnected with the doorbell. Once the function activated, the doorbell will not be able to ring. This system is equipped with the one-and-only ‘AUTO WAKEUP Engine’. As edge-cutting as it is, no more extra power consumption need to be worried about: 4 AA batteries will do more than 1 year.

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