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The  fail-safe Electromagnetic Lock is  uses  magnetic force  to secure and  release the  doors,  suitable for  use  in  areas  which require  access controlled or egress  such  as exit  door. We offer up to 600  pounds holding force with  jumper pin selectable for 12V  or  24V  DC dual  input voltage and  can  be  applied with access  control, and with  the  full range of optional  brackets, it can be installed  on any type  of door frames such as narrow door frame, in-swinging door and  glasses  door. Build in magnetic bond sensor output and bi-color LED indicates the  door's  locked  or unlocked status. It is the  best  choice  for electronic security industry and  system integrators.

• Voltage  Input:  12  VDC / 24  VDC
• Current  Draw: 500mA /12VDC; 250mA/24VDC
• Magnetic bond  sensor  monitor output (the  door is locked  or unlocked  status)
• Status LED: Lights GREEN when the  door is locked, lights RED when the  door is unlocked.
• Holding  force: Up to 600 lbs(272 kg)
• Dimension: Magnet - 250(L)  x 48(W)  x 26mm(T) Armature Plate  - 180(L)  x 38(W)  x 11mm(T)
• Special  Finishes  for magnet and armature plate  : Zinc
• Weight (approx): 2.0 Kg

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