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Sonic : S-pad390


Spad  390, an  Innovative time  clock Integrated with  features of  easy  operation, advanced Identification algorithm, exquisite interface, and multimode communication is your  reliable workforce management assistant. With  super  size 7 Inches  touch screen  you  can enjoy  easy  operation experience.

• Super  size 7 inches touch screen.
• Wi-Fi facilitates operations by  eliminating cabling effort.
• Network  communication ensures the  reliable data delivery.
• Built-in  USB port allows manual data  transfer when network Isn't  available.
• With  built-In 300,000  cameras capturing real-time photos ensures  the accuracy of  identification.
• Support proximity, Mifare or  HID card as  optional features.
• Backup battery ensures  seamless operation  and security of  employee information.(optional)
• SD card backs up data in  case of  a network or  power outage.

Capacity Card Capacity : 10,000
Fingerprint Templates : 6,000
Transaction Capacity : 300,000
Relay contact : Relay Bell (Optional) Screen
LED indicator : Red and Green
Camera : 300,000 Pixels Camera
Power : 12V DC, 3 A; Optional 7.4V Back-up Battery
Communication Comm Port : Ethernet Wi-Fi
Pen Drive : USB - Host
Firmware : Alaorithm Version ZK Finger VX10
Operation System : Linux
Standard Function : SMS, DLST, Scheduled-bell, Self-Service Query, Automatic Status Switch, T9 input, 9 digit user ID, Photo ID, Wi-fi
Optional Function : ID/Mifare/HID, 14 digit user ID, ADMS
Environment Oper, Temp : 0C-45C
Oper Humidity : 20%-80%

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