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SONIC : S503


S503  is a face identification T&A  terminal with simple access control functions, which can connect with 3rd  party electric lock, door sensor, and exit button. Face, PIN  and RFID recognition modes are available. VF380  captures the relative position, size,  and shape of  the user's eyes, nose, cheekbones, and jaw features  to ensure accuracy of the identification. All  the settings can be easily done  on -inch TFT  touch screen. With a VF380  you can manage your workforce and access control efficiently.


- Elegant ergonomic  design.
- Ethernet and USB (host and client) communication.
- 3-inch TFT touch screen, T9 Input, 9  Digit User  ID.
- Infra-red optical  system enables user-identification in poorly lit  environment.
- Optional with Mifare card module.
- Professional face  identification algorithm.
- 3rd  party  electric  lock, door  sensor, and exit button.

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