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S 504W is a face identification T&A  terminal with face, PIN and  RFID  recognition modes. With  the latest face identification algorithm and streamlined technology, it can hold 400  face templates without dividing into groups and complete verification in less  than 1 second. Communicating via Wi-Fi,  Ethernet, and  USB (host and client), it can  ensure a smooth connection and data transfer. All  the settings can be easily done on 3-inch TFT  touch  screen.
It  has been elaborately designed and finely processed to match  your slap-up office perfectly.

-  Wi-Fi,  Ethernet, and USB (host and client) communication.
- 3-inch TFT touch screen, T9 Input, 9  Digit User  ID.
- Infra-red optical  system enables user-identification in poorly lit  environment.
- Optional Mifare card module.
- Professional face  identification algorithm.

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