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SONIC : S100


S100 Is an access control devices produced by ZKSoftware, which is made with elegant design and professional surface treatment.  The  device have lock control, alarm, exit  button, door sensor. The  wlegand-in Interface is used to connect  external reader to construct master and slave system. Also  the device can be used to connect with  a control panel as  a reader by wlegand-out Interface. The  operation can be done on the device through LCD  display, also  can be done on PC  software and upload to the device through TCP/IP, RS232/485  communication. The  USB-host  is used for  data download and upload, including user  template and record etc. SC103 Is suitable for  house, small  office and factory etc.

- Tough casing design
- Easy  installation, safe and reliable
-  Simple and convenient operation method
- ID  card standard, Mifare card optional
- Full  door lock control system
- Wiegand out to connect with control panel Wiegand in to construct master and slave  system
-  Audio prompt and LED  feedback guide the user   to operate

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